Senior Living Communities Focus on Expanding Digital Services

COVID-19 restrictions last year led to many seniors feeling cut off and unconnected as they sheltered in. Now, many senior living condo and apartment operators are using digital services to help keep their residents more connected. These digital tools and services aim to fight social isolation using a wide range of gadgets and techniques, such as video chat apps, virtual assistants, livestreamed fitness classes, and virtual reality day trips.  Read more.


Homeowners Are Taking on Bigger Remodeling Plans

Home remodeling has surged since the pandemic began, but many of the projects initially were smaller in scope. That is reversing as homeowners decide to go bigger with their renovation plans and beyond the DIY projects that dominated during the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak.  Read more.


Multifamily Construction Is Shifting to the Suburbs

About one-third of multifamily building has moved to low-density markets in the suburbs and exurbs, which are seeing populations increase faster than are city centers over the past year, the National Association of Home Builders reported during the virtual International Builders’ Show on Thursday. The suburbs have been outpacing higher-density markets over the last four quarters, following a trend evident in single-family home construction too.  Read more.